SPECIALISTS IN PRIVATE EQUITY with the expertise and understanding where your company is in the business cycle with respect to valuation metrics such as cash flow normalizations, EBITDA multiples, leverage ratios, working capital expectations and redundant assets which are keys to a successful transaction.


Links Capital confidentially works with their clients from inception to completion of a divestiture event, including the positioning of the company, creation of a Confidential Information Memorandum, detailed financial & market analysis, sourcing of buyers (strategic or institutional), on-going updates & deal analysis, negotiation of all terms & conditions of the transaction, due diligence including data room creation, preparing management for meetings and working with accountants, lawyers and tax experts for a successful closing. Types of Divestitures

Divestiture Planning

Links Capital works with business owners who are planning to sell their business in the next two to five years. Planning is of the utmost importance to be able to monetize maximum value from a divestiture event. Links' will work with the owners and management to understand what is required from due diligence, financial analysis, competitor analysis, valuation, management meetings & preparation, and prospective purchaser lists (strategic & private equity) and will help position the company for a future transaction.

Private Equity & Subordinated Debt Financings

Links Capital specializes in raising equity capital and subordinated debt from institutional investors such as private equity funds, pension funds and insurance companies. Links in-depth knowledge of the institutional equity markets help position their clients to attain attractive financing for growth, acquisitions and recapitalizations through their network of funders. Types of Financings


Links Capital can also help your company complete the acquisition of a targeted firm in an advisory role from valuation through negotiation and closing. These transactions could range from acquisitions to leveraged and management buyouts, including private equity buyouts.