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Whether you are looking for insight into what you should do about your succession issues, attempting to obtain financing for your business or are trying to acquire another business and need some professional assistance, Links Capital Partners Ltd. can facilitate the process.

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proud sponsor of

Mavericks Chuckwagon Racing Team

The Mavericks Chuckwagon Racing Team is dedicated to meeting 2 Objectives:

  1. To raise significant funds to actively support Calgary and area Children-focused not-for-profit agencies and individual needs
  2. To promote a spirit of fellowship and camaraderie among all Mavericks members.
Big Hearted Cowboys

Some of the past recipients of Big Hearted Cowboys’ generous spirit have been the Variety Club of Southern Alberta where they helped to build a park capable of meeting the needs of all children, and the Between Friends Organization where the proceeds from the event helped to support programming for children with disabilities.